Every Trophy is a work of Art
Recognized and sought after by professional hunters and wildlife lovers from all over the world with an outstanding team of specialist artists and craftsmen.
High Ambitions and High Standards
Every trophy that we craft reflects the depth of our understanding of wildlife and nature. Every trophy is transformed into an artifact, as real as it was when alive.
World Taxidermy Specialists
We specialize in animals from all over the globe. From North America to Africa, we offer the highest quality of animal taxidermy anywhere.

The hunt comes alive, forever.

The excitement of the hunt and the breathtaking beauty of the wild – make it all come alive. That thrilling moment, repeated over and over. In trophies that not only preserve but capture the very essence of the wild. The hunt is never over. It lives on with Taxidermy by Dourlain, crafted with care.

The stuff wonders are made of.

Bow and arrow, light and shadow, the rain and the rainbow – these things are linked forever. Like day is to night, the hunter is to the hunted. We know it is more than a mere animal to you. It is a dream that you wish to relive again and again. Taxidermy by Dourlain will recreate the excitement and the environment of your hunt.

So real, you relive the thrill.

It started the moment you saw the animal and it saw you. Every hunt tells a story. Share this story for posterity. Trophies that showcase your adventures and retain the memory of every hunt, fresh like it happened right then and there. Taxidermy by Dourlain artistically captures your adventures.